Using Data and Analytics to Enable the Employee Experience

What’s the secret to building high-performing teams? The answer is simple: data. The most innovative companies use data and analytics to frequently measure their employee experience. This gives businesses the insights they need to create an environment for employees to do their best work. But how are they measuring these conditions of success? Our senior vice president of leadership and organizational effectiveness, Greg Pryor, shares insights from Workday’s own employee experience. Here are the highlights from our conversation.

How has the rapid growth of data and technology changed employee expectations?

The company experience is very much paralleling the consumer experience. Whether we’re providing feedback about our ride service or restaurant experience, we’re appropriately trained as consumers to ask ourselves, “Was this experience good or bad?” 

It’s important to translate that real-time feedback experience to your employees as well. For us at Workday, we measure the employee sentiment every Friday with our Best Workday Survey. People often say, “Every Friday? Well, that seems a little too frequent.” And my response is, “Our employees are having moments that matter all the time.” We’ve collected more than 1.5 million data points through the survey, and we can actually see that the experience is

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