Unleash the power of data to improve recruiting performance

Being a data-driven recruiter is hard. It’s more than just collecting and reporting data. You have to read between the lines and start to understand not just where the data comes from, but what it’s telling you and how you should react.  

For example, if your CPC is high, but your CPA is low against the average, your takeaway shouldn’t be to lower your CPC – even if that is your gut reaction! You might ask, well why not? Because what CPA is really telling you is that your application process is optimized. On the other hand, if your quality is bad, with a high CPC and a low CPA, then it’s time to start running A/B tests to try different CPC’s – both higher and lower.

Here’s another example: You might find that by using the data, you can more effectively change your own internal behaviors, such as adjusting your titles to more candidate friendly options or pinpointing the actual day of the week your candidates are more inclined to apply for your jobs.

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