Uniting at Workday for Social Justice

Uniting at Workday for Social Justice

On June 5, thousands of Workday employees from across the world bonded in one of the most remarkable ways I’ve seen since joining our company as chief diversity officer nearly three years ago. 

The format was a town hall, via Zoom, to discuss social injustice and inequality that negatively affects numerous communities. It was prompted by the recent acts of violence committed against members of our Black community in the United States. 

Several Workmates shared their experiences and feelings as people of color. Two of our executives discussed their own perspectives with honesty and candor, as did a white ally who is an active participant in our Talented Tenth employee belonging council, which was formed in 2015 and focuses on supporting our Black Community.

The event was raw, authentic, and emotional. There were powerful expressions of sadness, anger, frustration, and shame—but also support; so much love and support. During and after the town hall, our Belonging and Diversity channel on Slack was incredibly active, as fellow Workmates reached out to our speakers to lend their support and thank them for their willingness to be vulnerable. In all, it was an experience that allowed us to form human connections in a

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