Understanding the Basics: What Is Talent Management?

Understanding the Basics: What Is Talent Management?
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This blog is part of a series explaining the technologies that help companies manage their people, money, and processes.

Digital disruption and a shifting workforce is changing talent management, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s been a shift to remote work, and less focus on where talent is located and more on who is the best fit for a certain job. 

What the pandemic hasn’t changed is that employees, wherever they work, want to feel connected and engaged. They want instant feedback, and to know that they add value. They also want close collaboration with colleagues, even if remote.

Businesses, meanwhile, seek to hire the best talent, to keep employees engaged, and to remain nimble to adjust to changing conditions. Employees also desire to remain relevant in today’s changing world, so they want continuous learning and development opportunities to gain new skills.

Now more than ever, talent management strategies need to be flexible and agile, not only for managing the talent lifecycle, but also for providing instant insight to tap the power of their workforce. 

Talent management processes and systems help companies do just that. In this blog, we give an overview of talent management, why it’s a key aspect

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