Things I’m into because of COVID!

All of a sudden your normal shit isn’t normal anymore, so now we all have this new list of COVID shit we are into! I use to be into intermittent fasting, going to the gym at lunch, basically having no time to do anything around the house.

It’s amazing how much time you have when you cut out most stuff from your life! I’ve hung more pictures for my wife in two weeks than that last two years combined!

There are a bunch of things that I’m now into because of COVID:

Grazing all day. WFH sucks because you have way too much access to food. I work at an office and while I could have food there, I don’t. So, it limits my calorie intake. So, the business plan is to start a post-COVID diet scam called “CoronaBellies”! It’s just people paying me $19.99 per month for exclusive access to videos coaching them to stop eating so damn much!

Walking way too much. Because I can’t go to the gym, and my back hates running, I’m walking! Like walking way more than a normal person should walk. This actually helps with the grazing all-day habit, but I still miss a great sweat at the gym!

Tipping a Lot. I have always been a generous tipper, but not I feel the need to go way over what I would normally do. So many folks impacted by this and it just feels like something we all should be doing if we can.

The quiet. Have you noticed how much quieter it is right now? Sometimes it can be a bit eerie! We had the power go out for a brief time the other day and I just sat there with the window open and it was almost silent. No cars. No planes. I like the quiet!

Cooking and listening to music. I’m cooking way more, which I love, and I like to listen to music when I cook, which I also love. Bam! Doing more of this. But holy heck the leftovers are a bit crazy! I need to buy an additional refrigerator just to store leftovers.

Screwing around on Zoom. I like to change people’s names on Zoom meetings I’m running. The window pops up and it’s “Karen Smith”. Nope, now you’re going to be “Ms. Outta Toilet Paper!” I don’t announce these changes. I just wait for someone to recognize it and I look for the smiles!

Things that COVID has started that I’m not into:

Virtual Happy Hours. Great now I get to look at people even longer a Zoom call but now we’re all drinking and interrupting each other with some alcohol courage! I’m not that desperate, yet, to drink with my friends that I can’t wait to see them in person.

New Social Norms. Look we are going to pass each other on this walk. I’m going over to one side, you’re going over to the other. We can still make eye contact and recognize we are passing ships in the night! Being six feet apart doesn’t mean you can now just totally ignore anyone because they are six feet from you. Get a grip! Eye contact from six feet away will not give you COVID!

The non-stop Negative News. More people got it. More people died from it. Trump is the devil. Congress is the devil. City people are devils. Country people are devils. That one governor he’s a devil. Don’t wear masks! WEAR masks! The beaches are open! The beaches are closed! The beaches are back open! That one star has COVID! OMG! Oh look they made a Tic Tok! Eye contact from six feet away gives you COVID! A tiger got COVID! No, it wasn’t one of Joe’s!

What are you into right now due to COVID? Hit me in the comments.


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