The Weight of This Moment as a Black Father

The Weight of This Moment as a Black Father

Welcome to VIBE Voices. We created this series to provide a place for conversations around VIBE: valuing inclusion, belonging, and equity for all. We believe these sometimes difficult discussions are more important than ever.  

In this post, we share the voice of Chad Belinfanti, an integration consultant at Workday who is based in Atlanta. He’s also a member of Workday’s Talented Tenth employee belonging council, which focuses on supporting our Black community. He shared this story at the Belonging and Diversity Town Hall for all employees earlier this month, which we’ve adapted for VIBE Voices to share ahead of Juneteenth and Father’s Day.

It’s hard to explain what it feels like to be a Black employee in this moment. I’ve had a really difficult time trying to package all I’ve been feeling in the past month, and even prior to that, into words that make any type of sense.

My personal therapy is to work outdoors, like cutting my grass. And while I was cutting the grass this week, a repeated thought was, what do I want to say right now? I kept coming back to a concept explained by an article that was shared in our Workday Diversity Slack

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