The Road Ahead for Technology Policy

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2020 was a most difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying social and economic crises impacted us all. While new vaccines provide hope that life will head back toward a pre-pandemic level of stability, the world will never be the same, as many social, technological, and business trends were accelerated by last year’s events. 

This is unquestionably true as it relates to technology’s impact on society and efforts to steer technology’s influence through public policy. In the U.S., the incoming Biden administration has a host of priorities that relate to the role of technology. And the recent EU initiative proposing a path forward on trans-Atlantic relations shows other governments are grappling with similar questions, while underscoring the importance of the rules of the road being compatible across borders. 

As we look ahead, I want to share some thoughts on key technology policy challenges and the opportunities in front of us.

Workforce Development and Talent 

The pandemic and technology intersect acutely in the area of workforce development. Moving forward, more people will be working remotely, even after widespread vaccination. Technology has and will continue to play an important role in that transition. 

But the pandemic has also accelerated a strong

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