The Power of Emotional Resiliency on Workforce Performance

The evolving crisis we find ourselves in causes feelings of uncertainty, which can manifest into stress, anxiety, and fear. A world-wide public health catastrophe unlike anything we’ve experienced coupled with an associated economic downturn, makes operational and personal resiliency more important than ever. 

A recent @CNBC live stream, “Leadership and Management Amid Crisis,” sponsored by Workday, included a mental-health focused session on building resiliency and improving wellbeing and performance. 

Luana Marques, a clinical psychologist and Harvard Medical School professor (photo above), and Bill Duane, a former wellbeing and performance leader at Google, discussed how anxiety and stress impact productivity and offered solutions on how to cope. 

They also talked about how business leaders must embrace emotional intelligence and cohesion in the workplace in order to build the resiliency that powers positive transformation. 

Understanding the Neurological Response to Crisis

It’s easier to understand what we’re feeling if we know why it makes us feel the way we do. In today’s environment, whether we consciously recognize it or not, we’re experiencing one of the most basic of human responses: fear.

Marques shared, “When there’s a real threat—and right now all of us are facing a real threat, COVID-19—our body goes into fight

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