The Member Driven Job Board

The Member Driven Job Board

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No job board software exists that lets you charge a monthly fee to job seekers. They are all driven by employers paying to post. But there is a desire for some entrepreneurs to build this kind of reverse job board so here’s a to actually do that using a combination of tools.

Mightynetworks is a cloud based membership platform that you can charge access to. It comes with a ton of features to build out a community for whatever niche you want and you can include things like courses inside it as well.

So you could launch a site like that ($81/month for the account with courses) and then plugin a low cost tool like JobBoardFire ($97/month) or perhaps use a WordPress job theme.

You’d be paying around $178/month then for a membership site AND job board. The job board would need to be on a subdomain like but combined the two will give you the best of both worlds.

Making the job board public on its own domain also allows it to be a lead magnet for the actual community site. Though the two platforms wont work together, you can use design/branding to make them look

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