The Lost Generation of College Recruits

The Lost Generation of College Recruits
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“This year’s class of graduating seniors is especially impacted. College recruiting has a strict cadence and timeline and, with each passing day, the class of 2020 is facing the prospect of being completely excluded from the recruiting process.” - Michael Kannisto, Ph.D.


The Lost Generation of College Recruits


Pandemic Erases Normal College Recruiting in 2020


The current pandemic has not only created problems, it has also revealed existing problems within some institutions that were troubled long before anyone had ever heard of COVID-19.


For example, access to healthcare in the US has been a crisis for a long time. Growing income disparity in the U.S. is another conundrum that seems to be getting worse. Playing into income disparity is unequal access to educational opportunity. The pandemic has particularly exacerbated inequities in higher education.


Colleges and Universities have been in the hot seat for a while now. Many argue these institutions have systematically been charging more and teaching less for decades. Admissions scandals of multiple varieties seem to confirm what everyone has suspected for years: merit, grades, and test scores do not determine access to top schools. The inequities in access to

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