The Growth of Workforce Week, and Why It Matters Most Now

For the past five years, our Workmates have been giving back through an annual program called Workforce Week™. At its heart, Workforce Week is about coming together to help talented job seekers find meaningful, thriving-wage careers. 

Yet for a number of reasons, this year is different.

For the first time, we teamed up with others in the tech sector—Salesforce, LinkedIn, Okta, and DocuSign—to host virtual career workshops across the globe. This is a continuation of the growth of Workforce Week, which first started with one week of career development for job seekers at our California headquarters, but has grown over the years to encompass weeks of activity across our global offices. Since we share with other tech companies a collective objective and vision to create access to opportunity for all, it made perfect sense this year to combine our efforts to support the communities where we all live and work. 

This year is also very different because of what’s happened in the world around us. There’s no doubt COVID-19 is not only exposing inequalities, but it’s also having a disproportionate impact on diverse communities. We’ve seen it immediately in the number of workers who’ve lost their jobs in recent months.

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