The Future of HR – Are You Ready?

The Future of HR – Are You Ready?

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It’s 2020 and HR professionals across the globe are planning for the future of their workforce and evaluating if their organizations are future-ready. When planning for the future, there are three key considerations that guide their understanding of today’s market dynamics:

The rate of overall technological change continues to accelerate rapidly The pace of change is forcing companies to consolidate, divest, and grow at a rapid rate To keep pace, investments are going to cloud and emerging technology

To be ready for the future of HR and the accelerating pace of change in business, organizations will need to focus on three main areas to support digital transformation programs

Human experience 

People have become accustomed to the benefits of modern technology in our private lives and workplace technology must be just as modern, intuitive, and helpful. As more people use digital and conversational technologies like Alexa, Siri, and Digital Assistants to solve traditional problems, CHROs must focus on creating more meaning in the workplace with better employee experiences and a shared value system that everyone can get behind. This is reflected in KPMG’s Future of HR 2020 report where an overwhelming 95 percent of respondents are prioritizing employee experience as a focus area. Employee

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