The Foundation of the Workday Skills Cloud

The Foundation of the Workday Skills Cloud
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Skills are quickly becoming the great equalizer. By looking at skills over pedigree or connections, organizations can make smarter hiring decisions in the first place and enrich the employee journey later with upskilling and more internal mobility. Companies can also better identify skills gaps across the organization in light of future business goals and source their talent more strategically to help drive the business forward. 

With the ability to rapidly fill roles and staff projects, and connect existing employees with the right development and stretch opportunities, companies can truly harness the strength of their most important asset. 

But to effectively connect people with opportunities, organizations first need to understand the skills their people have and then see where in the business there are skills gaps. Employees are always learning and developing new skills through on-the-job experience, courses they might be taking on their own time, or even through hobbies. The business landscape is always evolving, so the skills your company needs now aren’t necessarily the ones it needs next year, to say nothing of five to 10 years from now. Perhaps most difficult to manage, skills are evolving faster than most recruiting and hiring technologies. New or newer versions of

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