The Evolution of the Modern Recruiter

The Evolution of the Modern Recruiter

One of the toughest challenges tennis stars face is adapting their game to a variety of conditions. This means that top players are constantly adding new shots to their repertoire so they can flourish in all environments. Similarly, to thrive in a fast-moving and ever-changing talent marketplace, modern recruiters must cherry-pick skills more typically associated with other industries. This has led to a new, multi-faceted breed of recruiter equipped with not just a depth of knowledge in specialist areas, but also a breadth of skills across an array of disciplines.

The Power of Data Analytics in Recruitment

In times gone by, TA teams had little more than their gut to rely on when assessing methods or planning upcoming strategies. This is no longer the case as the modern recruiter now has a vast collection of analytical tools to zero in on the huge quantities of data at their fingertips.

The benefits of such a metric-geared vision were highlighted in a recent Avature webinar with CBRE’s TA Operations Manager, Anchal Saxena. He explained how detailed dashboards allow stakeholders to immediately ascertain key information, without the need for periodic reports, enabling them to proactively plan requirements on the fly.

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