Test Automation in SuccessFactors

Test Automation in SuccessFactors

Automated testing plays a huge advantage in testing scenarios. It is executed by software tools, so it is significantly faster than a manual approach and makes it a better option when the test cases are run repeatedly over an extended period.

Worksoft Certify provides automated testing for SuccessFactors that ensures critical business processes continue to function properly as changes are made to underlying applications. Tricentis TOSCA is an automation tool for functional and regression testing of various software products along with SAP SuccessFactors. It also includes GUI, CLI (command line interface), integrated test management, and API.

High Level Scope:

Testing the SuccessFactors modules function using Worksoft Certify or Tricentis TOSCA The tool can be deployed even if a SAP project is in implementation, upgrade or maintenance stage. Testing will be intent to wide variety of SuccessFactors modules

Key Success Factors:

Increased testing quality by using Worksoft Certify automation, a leading automation strategy, approach and frameworks. Reduce regression testing time by about 80-90%. Achieve faster time to market by speeding up the “plan, deploy and run” cycle, some of which can be done through unattended overnight test execution.

Value Proposition

Accelerated delivery of next generation HCM solution including best practice service

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