Ten Books to Develop Your Career in 2020

Ten Books to Develop Your Career in 2020

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By Dave Stark, Product Marketing Manager

Part of career growth is continual learning and to help give a path to that, below are ten solid books for someone looking for new ideas to help build their career. Some of the concepts from the books will resonate more than others, and more with with some people than others, but there’s some good content for the new year.







The Talent Code and The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

The Talent Code was published in 2009 and Coyle notes at the beginning of the book how it in part a search for talent hotbeds, whether in the favelas of Brazil or successful classrooms, and he covers well three drivers of talent in deep practice, ignition, and master coaching. The Culture Code came out in 2018 and featured the subtitle The Secret of Highly Successful Groups, with it going over the concepts of build safety, share vulnerability, and establish purpose.






Give and Take by Adam Grant

The book was subtitled Why Helping Others Drives Our Success, and ideas from it that stood out were from Chapter Three: The Ripple

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