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Affiliate programs for job boards

Adding additional revenue to you job board is not that hard. Think about adding affiliate programs to add a little $$$ to your bottom line. Here are several different ones to choose from…

Save launches a completely revamped site

Asia Pacific’s leading job aggregator recently launched a completely re-engineered site that provides a faster, richer, job search experience.

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The Commoditization of HR and Recruiting Innovation

When it comes to HR and recruiting innovation, the term has become a cliche, with enterprise software lagging well behind truly innovative consumer tech.

Employers: Don’t Forget Mobile Apply

Mobile devices are working their way into virtually every aspect of our lives. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Because without so much as even one of those seven mobile devices located in my household, I may stop functioning altogether and become completely non-communicative. After all, how would I communicate if I can’t talk, […]