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This Is Your Battle Plan For the War For Talent Next Year

The new year is already shaping up to be a year like no other and all of the changes are going to have a real impact on the economy and, in particular, the labor market. So, if you want to win the war for talent in 2017, you will need to be aggressively proactive. Start […]

HR analytics: An effective yet underused employee retention and recruiting tool – TechRepublic

HR analytics provide insights into how well companies are managing their human capital. Get ideas on using HR analytics to retain and recruit employees.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
This niche board just launched a beautiful new redesign

I have said for many years that a well designed job board goes a long way towards helping your sales and gaining new users. Recently the folks at niche job

All Change Will Be Resisted, So Focus On the Transition

Change is never easy. Change and transition is a bumpy process. But why is change so hard? Change is hard because it is an emotional experience for most. An emotional experience, particularly an experience one often has little choice in being part of, creates resistance. Resistance is a natural emotion, though an emotion that can make change even harder.

Improve Your Hiring Quality With These 3 Measures

One of the most valuable performance metrics for recruitment is the quality of each hire made. However, most talent leaders believe they aren’t measuring quality of hire effectively. According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Recruiting survey, only 33% of respondents feel that their methodologies are strong, and an even smaller 5% felt it “best in class.”

LinkedIn Removes Premium Search Filters

The drama that plagues LinkedIn continued to unfold this morning with a shocking post from Ira Bass on Google+.

December Rec Tech Insider

November was another busy month in the HRtech/RecTech space. Here is the roundup for what happened. Lots of new fundings, product launches and other news. See ya’ next year! NEW FUNDING * WorkRamp an employee training platform has raised a $1.8M seed round from Susa, Haystack, others; software for customizable training at scale for any […]

Save Founder Talks About the Interview Experience

On my Rec Tech Podcast I talk to various job boards and HR tech vendors. Last week I chatted with Ray Tenenbaun the founder of GreatHires which is an innovative

Relink Labs – Job Title Researching Every Sourcer Can Use

Research is an important component of any search, and it should always come first. Research includes titles, education, salaries, companies and so much more. Relink Labs has made it easy for you to research titles. All you do is enter a title and the automated tool will create a nice bubble breakdown of typical skills, […]

New Podcast: Ray Tenenbaum from GreatHires, Interviewing Management Tool

On the Rec Tech Podcast we highlight interesting new technology for recruiting. Recently we were joined by Ray Tenenbaum, Founder of GreatHires. Ray Tenenbaum is the founder of Great Hires, a recruiting technology startup offering a mobile-first Candidate Interviewing Experience platform for both candidates and hiring teams. Great Hires was named Top HR Product of […]

Ready to Change Your Performance Process? Here’s How

There has been a significant increase in articles about performance management in my inbox lately, so for the last month, I saved them all with the intention of seeing if there was anything I could add. I kind of consider performance management my niche, and have always believed there was value in the process.

The Business Impact of Candidate Experience

Here’s what’s crystal clear in business today: poor customer service impacts customer retention, referrals, and potential new business. Social media has given consumers an open forum to share both good and bad product and service experiences to all who will listen.

What Are Doing About Your “Workplace Prisoners”?

Recognize This! – Motivating employees requires more than compensation, which can create “prisoners.” Instead, companies need to emphasize a richer employee experience.

Failbook: 8 Candidate Mistakes To Make You Giggle

From disastrous spelling errors to weird confessions, we’ve each gathered a ton of candidate mistakes to make you laugh and probably cringe, too.