Talking the Talk: Recruitment Measurement Terms

Talking the Talk: Recruitment Measurement Terms

The Appcast Guide to Recruitment and Programmatic Terminology will help you understand and speak the language specific to recruitment and recruitment marketing. And yes, it includes those pesky acronyms.

The Guide has been organized by category, rather than alphabetically, and grouped by subcategory, to provide context for the terms and related definitions.

What does it include? Everything from general HR and recruiting terms to more specific concepts.

Take a look at these terms from the Measurement section.

TermDefinitionAcronymClick to ApplyMetric usually expressed as a rate, as in the number of clicks it takes to generate an applicationCTAEffective or Estimated Cost Per ClickMetric used to gauge the effectiveness of a a campaign, based on clicks and earningseCPCCost per Qualified ApplicantDollar amount associated with obtaining a qualified applicant; qualified defined by each hiring organizationCPQACost per HireDollar amount associated with a hire, or the average cost of hiring one personCPHApply RateNumber of clicks to gain one application, aka click to applyARClick-Through RateThe ratio of job ad clicks to impressionsCTRConversion RateNumber of applicants who click on a job and end up moving forward in the hiring processCRConversion WindowTime between a person viewing a job posting and completing a job applicationApplicant Volume by HiresNumber of

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