Taking a Gig Approach to Talent Mobility

Taking a Gig Approach to Talent Mobility

As talent acquisition and talent management stakeholders around the world look to mitigate the business impact of 2020’s “new normal,” talent mobility has become increasingly important.

Recent discussions across our customer base have revealed that many of our largest enterprise clients – in the face of budget cuts and hiring freezes – have never been more cognizant of placing the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions and at the right time. Internal mobility marketplaces (also called “opportunity marketplaces”) are not only booming, but they are providing many of our clients with a significant competitive advantage as they continue to brave the turbulent aftermath of COVID-19. And although the concept of “mobility” is most often associated with the internal transition of talent and skills across business functions, teams and positions, this article will highlight the next logical step in the evolution of talent mobility:

Moving the gig economy in-house.

While project-based work has traditionally been reserved for contingent workers, consultants and independent contractors, successful talent mobility in our post-pandemic digital age will come to be defined by a multi-stage strategy capable of not only cutting costs through the development of internal talent, but one that

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