Successfactors Employee Central Time Account Accrual

Successfactors Employee Central Time Account Accrual


This article is about the configuration of leave balances / absence quotas / time accounts for employees, so that they can request for leave. This pertains to the Time Management function of Employee Central module of Successfactors.


SAP HR Time Management has the flexibility of using Personnel Calculation Rules, variables defined within the time evaluation process and also T511K constants for fulfilling various business requirements.

Does Successfactors Employee Central Time Management also have such capabilities? The answer is YES. Creating business rules and rewriting them later is a much more intuitive process than PCRs and time schemas with on-premise time management.


This article contains the below two scenarios:

Simple Accrual: We look at a basic scenario of a new absence quota (time account type) being created, an absence (time account) linked to it, and automatic generation of accruals being configured. Complex Accrual: We delve deeper into the business rule to help cater to real-life organization policies about how employees in different departments can avail leave.

Disclaimer: The employee names, company names, company divisions and other HR objects seen in screenshots in this article are completely fictional. They are from a demo system and any resemblance to real-life

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