Spot Launches Chatbot to Fight Workplace Harassment Through Anonymous Feedback

Spot Launches Chatbot to Fight Workplace Harassment Through Anonymous Feedback

Silicon Valley and the entire country have long suffered various rumors of molestations, emphasizing how people are unfairly treated at workplace. In this regard, Spot is introducing AI.powered recording device to the global market, to offer aid to workers who are experiencing ill-treatments in their workplace.

When VentureBeat ran an interview with Dr, Julia Shaw, the co-founder and chief scientist at Spot, He mentioned that “there are so many challenges attached to reporting issues of harassment, such as; being afraid to voice out.”

Spot’s web-based have been made free and accessible to anyone that wants to report issues related to discrimination and harassment. The good news is you get to send your report without revealing your identity. The function of the chatbot is to give users the incentive for taking the action of sharing their story and ensuring the information remains there.

Dr. Shaw further said that it’s very easy to be unable to remember things like that; this is the reason it must be saved in a recording device at times when it can still be remembered.

Did you know that Spot and its designs were conceived from AI Start-Up Studio, which is known as All Turtles, and was co-created by Evernote cofounder and a renowned business expert Phil Libin (Evernote is an app used for note-taking)? In fact, Daniel Nicolae and Dylan Marriott who use to work for Evernote, left Evernote last year June and switched to All Turles to commence work at Spot. Libin then decided to show this line of work to Dr. Shaw, a criminal psychologist that deals on memory science.

In December 2017, Spot, a division that feeds AI with sciences, was recognized and inducted as an independent unit.

This new unit uses an approach known as “cognitive interviews” to get first-hand information from workers who have been maltreated or perceived to be improperly treated. Shaw added, that in this critical state, it’s needful to have the knowledge of which question to leave out because some suppressing statements can cause the victim to deliberately formulate lies or say misguiding things about the incident. According to Shaw, the essence of strong cognitive interviews is to freely raise reasonable and non-bias questions. And it will make workers feel more secured when having a conversation with bot.

Shaw indicated that the advantage of using a bot is that they lack the capacity for sensory perception and it cannot pass judgment. “They are designed only to ask needful questions.”

For instance, if you want to inquire if you can lay a complaint regarding a particular incident or assault, the bot will quickly access the requirements attached to such act of molestation, then relate to you the procedures involved in tabling the matter, in a comprehensible format. Users are allowed to attach as many facts and evidence as possible.

And from the interview with bot, Spot will then produce a suitable, personal PDF report –each brief will be accompanied by time-designations, including materials that stand as proof of evidence for the allegations.
Before the report is downloaded, the information is placed on a coded space, and after downloading, it may then be wiped off from the server.

The anticipated plan is to sell a kind of AI-driven management technological set-up to departments of human resource management in different organizations. For all of those organizations confronted with so many assault and harassment accusations, this device will be very helpful to them.

Financial aids have been released to Spot by All Turtles, but the exact amount is still under non-disclosure terms, again, they are about six staffs working in the outlets created in San Francisco, Berlin, London, and Zurich.