Social Media Recruiting: Pros and Cons

Social Media Recruiting: Pros and Cons

It seems like social media has tapped into every type of communication we have on the internet. Whether e-commerce, politics, sports, arts… all of it have some network built into the social media platforms. With so much proliferation and power in the world today, how come more businesses have not taken advantage of social media recruiting?

Social media recruiting is not yet fully developed. Therefore, large companies are cautious about allocating resources and recruiting efforts entirely towards social media platforms. 

This does not mean that social media recruiting is dead. 

In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of social media recruiting, and reconcile where we believe it’s headed in the future. 



Access To Massive Networks 

There are billions of people on social media today. The number of users is consistently growing each year. In a recent research study conducted in early 2020, it was estimated that 3.8 billion people are active users on social media. That’s roughly half the population of the entire planet!

Between all the major platforms used for social media recruiting (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) or “social recruiting”, there are virtually endless opportunities for exposure to recruitment content.

The key

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