Small Scenarios for Changing Times Catalog

We’ve been collaborating on a series of short digestible papers that tackle the HR and Recruiting issues that are emerging during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve published 10 issues to date and they’re recapped here so they’re easy to find.

Instructions: If you click on a specific issue below you’ll land at the original article where you can get more information and download the Small Scenarios PDF (all issues are free to download and we require no information from you).

We know that HR is always a reflection of the organization it lives in. Dramatic proclamations about the content and shape of even the nearest future are rarely directly applicable in the particulars of your context. We think questions are much more important than broad generalizations about what to do.

That’s why we called it Small Scenarios for Changing Times. Rather than hyperbolic claims that HR’s time has finally arrived, we’ve begun to explore some of the likely issues in the near to medium term. Through these small, tactical questions, we hope to help you envision the coming realities.

The Small Scenarios project is an experiment. We want the content to be easily available

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