SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting : Command Center v2

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Our long lasting wait is finally over. With the patch release on 17 December 2020, SAP has launched the new Command Center (v2) for the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting : Candidate Experience.

SAP has moved the Command Center from Adobe Flash to HTML 5 along with the new access link and the best part is the login authentication is now tagged with the Partner S-ID. So, no need to keep track of multiple credentials to setup or manage the provisioning of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Login URL are as below.

Data Center – Rackspace

Preview : Production :

Data Center – DC #

Preview : Production :

Note : (Replace # with the respective data center. For e.g. DC # = DC 10, DC 12, DC 44)

Data Center – DC 2

Preview : Production :

Once you login, you will see a clean Site List page that will contain all the Sites that are provisioned to your S-ID and available on that data center.

On the Site List page, we have have multiple ways to filter out the site on which we want to work. Now we

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