SaaS Adoption and Effective Change Management

SaaS Adoption and Effective Change Management

If there’s one thing that’s certain in a year filled with unprecedented uncertainty, it’s that change is never easy.

Even under the best of circumstances, enterprise organizations often find themselves in a constant state of flux when it comes to their business tools and practices. As a best-in-class talent management and talent acquisition SaaS solution provider to some of the world’s largest and most dynamic enterprise organizations, we here at Avature are intimately familiar with what it takes to implement, embrace and adopt change. With SaaS deployments becoming ever-larger and more complex – and considering 70 percent of digital transformations fail – the discipline of change management has never been more important.

From ROI, to morale, to strategic cohesion, change management greatly reduces the risk of failure inherent to operational change.

In fact, change management is so essential to the successful adoption of a new SaaS solution, we created a team specifically dedicated to guiding our clients through the rough waters of change. Given that we are all likely dealing with some degree of pandemic-driven uncertainty, we felt it prudent to sit down with Avature’s own change management expert, Jacklyn Giannitrapani, to learn more about the topic. We discussed

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