Right now is the best time to be unafraid

“Yet, most things are uncertain, almost all the time. And that is neither a good nor a bad thing. It’s just how it is.” – Heather Bussing



This may turn out to be one of the hardest times in history to find a job. That’s pretty scary. A lawyer I worked with told me he was blown away because I wasn’t afraid of anything. I had no idea what he was talking about. I’m scared of everything.


I just don’t let it interfere with what I want to do.


Fear is not something to fight, overcome, ignore, hide from, or defeat. It’s not a weakness. Fear is good stuff. It protects us, gives us important information, motivates us.


The trouble starts when we believe that it’s too hard, other people will think we’re stupid, or the million versions of I’m not good enough. When everything is too scary, we shut down and make our world small so we can control it. We close our minds and our hearts to anything new or different.


That’s why fear is the root of discrimination and resistance to change. It manifests

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