Rethinking Remote Work Amid COVID-19

Rethinking Remote Work Amid COVID-19

The global pandemic has spawned a whole new group of remote workers: people who are working remotely because they are required to do so.

It’s worth keeping an eye on how these new members of the remote workforce will respond to work-from-home employment opportunities in the future.

Also worth watching is whether employers will reevaluate traditional office jobs post-COVID, from the standpoint of remote work. Will companies offer more remote opportunities? Have a better understanding of what skills are necessary to a successful remote employment arrangement? Find that technology allows for the engagement they thought might be lacking? All of the above?

Before the pandemic

Some 5 million employees or approximately 3.6% of the labor force work from home half-time or more, according to research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, a provider of primary and secondary research and products designed to support new ways of working.

While that’s a large number, to be sure, survey after survey suggests other would-be remote workers are waiting in the wings; these surveys find that a majority of employees would accept a lower salary and fewer benefits for a remote work arrangement. One survey cited by Global Workplace Analytics finds that 80% of employees

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