Remote Job Board For Sale

Remote Job Board For Sale

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Jobmote, a remote job board/aggregator which I have been nurturing since 2016 is up for sale. The site is profitable and relies on 3 main revenue sources for income: Adsense, Backfill, Postings.

I was running a different remote site a few years back when I came upon which was up for auction on Flippa. The previous owner wasn’t monetizing and had given up but I saw an opportunity so I bought the short, memorable domain and shut down my other site to focus on this one.

Eventually I moved it to the SmartJobBoard platform where it is hosted today. I gave it a whole new look, added thousands more jobs and began to monetize.

Today it receives around 7,000 monthly visits comprised entirely of organic traffic from a variety of sources. None of this traffic is paid. Below is the monthly stats report report from this year.

Jobmote monthly traffic

The site has a terrific following (thousands of followers) on social media and that is actually the biggest referrer of traffic for the site. Turns out people love remote job listings! Check the accounts for yourself here;

Jobmote on Twitter | Jobmote on Facebook | Jobmote on Linkedin


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