Reimagining Productivity to Spur Innovation

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Productivity and innovation are two sides of the same coin. The internal combustion engine wasn’t fitted into mechanical horses, after all. Inventors skipped a few steps and everyone was doing more, with less effort.

Workday, the engine of many enterprises, works behind the scenes to make everyday tasks not just easier, but more effective. Our built-in Workday Productivity Suite, consisting of Workday Drive, Worksheets, and Slides for early adopters, is engineered to enhance collaboration—exactly what’s needed in a nimble and modern organization, especially in light of current circumstances. 

The question is no longer if you can turn your organization on a dime—recently, most of us have had very little say in the matter. The question now is this: Will your pivot in people practices and financial management be painful and messy, or efficient and clear?

Let’s talk about a few common business challenges, and how we’re trying to solve them with Workday’s Productivity Suite, a set of capabilities included with Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Financial Management.

Challenges in a Data-driven Organization 

Extracting data from your human resources and financial management systems to model and play out what-if scenarios might be necessary, but often creates as many problems as

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