Recruitment Tips: How to Post on Google for Jobs

As the world’s top search engine, Google is the go-to platform when it comes to any type of online search. Recipes, questions, blog articles, and, of course, job searches. So, if you’re an employer looking for recruitment tips, start at Google.

Seventy three percent of job seekers start their search on Google. It’s crucial that you get your job advertisements on Google for Jobs — and get them onto the platform in the right way.

What Is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs (GFJ) is a search feature on the Google search engine that aggregates and compiles job listings from across a wide variety of job boards all over the Internet. 

The goal is to make the job search candidate-focused and streamlined, allowing job seekers to find jobs from all over the Internet in a single & convenient location.

Google for Jobs makes it easy for employers and candidates alike to find and display jobs as well as target specific audiences thanks to the filters & Google schema data that optimizes & organizes the postings.

Get all of the details on GFJ in our Ultimate Guide on Google for Jobs.

There are three main methods of how

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