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Is Sourcing the New Recruiting?

Over time, our roles evolve and change to fit with the present needs of the companies for which we work. The saying goes, if you are not green and growing, then you are red and dying. Is Sourcing the New Recruiting? If you’re not green and growing, then you’re red and rotting – I […]

U.S. Employers Hiring Record Number of Temps

U.S. employers are hiring temporary and part-time staff in record numbers, and the trend is expected to continue. In “Prepare for the New Permanent Temp” Harvard Business Review reported that temporary and part time jobs were the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. job market, with part-time employees at a record high of 28 million, and temporary employment up […]

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From #SocialSourcing to #SocialRecruiting

From #SocialSourcing to #SocialRecruiting – As long as recruiters have been turning to the internet in a quest to find talent, there has been a constant quest to uncover the secret source. A mystical legend where some bright young things, probably living in California, would uncover the secret and invent the silver bullet. The silver […]

Save launches mobile Craigslist job posting, no thanks to Craigslist

Once again, candidates, consumers and employers must turn to other sites and vendors to enable mobile on Craigslist. The classified giant just can’t – or won’t – do it alone.

Get to Know Facebook Fans with New Graph Search

Do you manage a Facebook page? Whether you’re a bona fide community manager or a small business owner, understanding the twists and turns of Facebook is key in order to successfully connect to your company’s current fans and reach new ones. And, thanks to Facebook’s graph search…

Want to Hire the Best Candidate? Move Fast

Superstar candidates — those who have the potential to make a significant impact — are receiving multiple offers. He (or she) who hesitates is lost.

How to attract workers to the backwoods

Recruiting candidates to rural locations can be frustrating, but you can improve your success rate with an employee-referral program and by developing better retention, Ben Eubanks writes. He also suggests attracting workers with day-care subsidies, sabbaticals and career development.

Just in time hiring

There was a time when just in time hiring was all the vogue. After this the market got hijacked by the community champions who advocated the complete opposite approach, dictating that every company needed a talent community. A talent network needs technology that allows a simple sign in to register other profiles to elect to […]

Minnesota Headhunter: Dear Minnesota CEOs… An Open Letter On IT Recruiting

Dear CEO’s, Today in the StarTribune is an article from Adam Belz (@adambelz) Minnesota companies need IT workers, but stumble in hiring. I missed Adam’s phone call, and his deadline, to contribute to the article. I agree with what he…

What do, Formula 1 and Opera have in common…

Working at the free recruitment software is fun. We love to work at a recruitment software start-up.This is our 5th blog post in our meet the team €™- series. Today we introduce you Sander. Sander is one of the senior developers within the team. Meet Sander.

Mind Mapping for Better Candidate Sourcing

When discussing the difficulties recruiters have with finding great candidates for their roles, a common theme that I see, that they pay little attention.

The hidden mysteries of data

Data tells a story. A story of what is really happening with your recruiting, but often it is buried deep, and spread about in different places, scattered across the internet.The challenge now for recruiting teams is to find ways to mine this data, and translate it in to something useful. From a technology point of […]

Second summer release for’s free recruitment software

Second summer release now available. We are pleased to announce that we have launched our second release for the summer. is one of the fastest growing free recruitment solution and has welcomed more than 1250 companies since the launch in February 2013.

What iPhone, Android Sales Mean for Mobile Recruiting

The state of PC sales shows that you are missing the boat by not putting job seeker technology to use in your mobile recruiting efforts.