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Job recruiter slams local Army veteran, tells her she enlisted ‘for a paycheck’

A local Army veteran is reconsidering taking a job at a major Stevens Point-area employer after the company’s employment recruiter told her soldiers don’t defend freedom and only serve for their paychecks.

Monster to do something sometime. Sigh.

Perhaps financial analysts have become as tired of Monster Worldwide vagueness as we have, for its  Q4 and year-end call for 2013 ended 37 minutes after it began, with possibly the shortest question-and-answer session we’ve ever encountered on an earnings call. Or  the reason for the abrupt cut-off might have been that Monster execs ran […]

Awarding Excellence in Recruitment Solutions

Finally, an award program that recognizes recruitment technology and services providers with innovative solutions that optimize the recruiter experience has launched.  Introducing the Recruiting Se…

Save’€™s Free Applicant Tracking Software Nominated for Two ONREC Awards, the European provider of free applicant tracking (recruitment) software is pleased to announce it has received two nominations for the ONREC awards at the ceremony for the UK online recruitment industry.’€™s free applicant tracking (recruitment) software is nominated in two different award categories: The Technical Innovation Award – national supplier and Newcomer of […]

Mobile Recruiting Case Study: Einstein Healthcare Network

The mobile recruiting case study for Einstein Healthcare Network shows how the organization was able to hire for hard-to-fill positions thanks to mobile.

Job Seekers Have a Case of the Mondays

When are job seekers most likely to search for a job? Throughout the day on Monday, according to data from one client.

The Mindful Hire

The mindful hire is a concept that HR practitioners should adhere to. Learning to be mindful about who you hire is something everyone should know how to do.

New Jobs, New Candidate Experience?

The human resource professional who is out of work and looking for their next job. Often they complain about the hoops they are required to jump in order to simply submit their resume. You’ve seen those people complain on LinkedIn in discussions at several LinkedIn groups.

How PhotoBox Recruited Contract Web Developers Directly

With over 27 million members PhotoBox is Europe’s leading online digital photo service provider. Experts in photography, they have built an extensive and engaging online community that helps……

This Google exec’s success shows how it pays off to invest in talent

Google is celebrated for its rigorously data-focused management and hiring culture. But the secret of one of its most successful executives, Sundar Pichai, lies in good old-fashioned team building. Currently a senior vice president at Google in charge of Chrome, Android, and apps, Pichai’s methods were discussed on a recent Quora thread, asking “What did…

Who Wants an Ebook on Social Recruiting?

iMomentous’ latest ebook on the relationship between social recruiting and how it is happening on mobile devices is now available for download.

How Not to Ask for a McDonald’s Job Application

One job seeker at McDonald’s found out what happens when you ask for a job application too aggressively.

Save, the Free Recruitment Software, Celebrates its First Anniversary, the European provider of free recruitment software, celebrates its very first anniversary. Today, exactly one year ago, the team released its current public beta release and a lot has happened since then.

Facebook’s New Service helps Businesses Recruit Employees

Facebook is working towards launching a new way to target ads to help businesses recruit new employees. The goal is to increase the social networks potential and move into an arena with LinkedIn, which is known for their business networking. Currently, ad targeting is based on demographic information and the types of pages individuals like […]