Recruiting During COVID-19 – Success Stories

Recruiting During COVID-19 – Success Stories

A Conversation with Appcast & the VNA of Florida

When the COVID-19 virus stunned the world earlier this year, Appcast partnered with leading job boards in the industry to develop a grant program to support the immediate hiring needs of organizations fighting the pandemic. The grant was set up with the goal of paying for recruitment advertising to help any governmental agency, NGO, healthcare system, or organization in the U.S. or Canada that needed to emergently recruit staff to slow and/or treat the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities. 

I recently sat down with one of our grant recipients – Sarah Gilbride, Director of Human Resources at the Visiting Nurses Association of Florida – to learn about her experience hiring healthcare professionals during this unprecedented and challenging time, and to learn more about how the VNA put the grant money to work. 


Q: Tell me a little bit about the VNA of Florida and your experience with the organization.

A: The VNA of Florida is a Home Health Agency that spans across the entire state of Florida. I’ve been working here for roughly 3 years. We provide nursing services and home health aides, as well as therapists to our clients.

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