Reader Q&A: WordPress & Backfill

Reader Q&A: WordPress & Backfill
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A reader wrote in to ask;

I’m a regular reader of your Job Board Secrets newsletter. I’ve recently noticed on the WP Job Manager blog that they are suspending support for Indeed and ZipRecruiter publisher API programs. It would be interesting to read your thoughts in the newsletter about why it happened, and what it means for small/new job boards in terms of both backfilling and the additional revenue streams.

And I answer;

Indeed is no friend to job boards and pulled back on its API use a few years ago. I haven’t recommend using them for backfill since that time. Once they became focused on serving employers only, support for job boards crashed. Time to move on from them.

As for Ziprecruiter, as far as I know their API is still available. I highly doubt they would ever shut it down as it is an important factor for driving traffic to their jobs. According to my contact, they have been more selective about the publishers that they allow to use backfill due to personnel shortages at the company. If you dont have any traffic you are unlikely to be approved at this point.

There are plenty of other job APIs (i.e.,

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