RChilli Launches an Exclusive Configuration Feature

RChilli Launches an Exclusive Configuration Feature

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Would you like to see an improved and smarter extraction of resume data based on your choice?

What if there was a feature that had the power to deliver the same?

RChilli is making continuous efforts to bring the best in HR technology and is now ready with another exciting feature of its products. By doing so, it lives up to its promise of guaranteeing an incredible experience to its customers.

It seems like innovation has become a forte of RChilli.

RChilli is introducing new features, new products, new technologies one after another to make parsing easier for its customers.

Diversity and bias-free recruitment are the two popular trends in the HR Tech industry. To promote these trends, RChilli presents an amazing configuration feature created with the help of its groundbreaking technology. The aim of this feature is to make parsing quicker and result-oriented.

What is Configuration Feature?

Imagine what would happen if you get the freedom to choose resume data fields for which you need information!

Does this excite you to know more about this feature?

A resume parser extracts candidate data from resumes and saves it in data-fields. With the help of the configuration feature, you can choose

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