Questions about your AI Ethics

Questions about your AI Ethics

“The entire organization, probably led by the HR Department, is entering a time of deep examination of organizational ethics. The questions that underly the development of an ethics process are about the ways in which we care for and protect the organization and its members.” – John Sumser


Bias, Privacy, Liability, Design, Management


Ethical questions about how we use data and technology in organizations are growing in prominence and importance. Bias in intelligent tools is particularly important ethically, legally, and practically. There are equally important topics to discuss like privacy, liability, labeling, transparency, design and management of tools.


Enterprise technology until now has largely been about data storage and retrieval. The technology itself never brought organizational structure, hierarchy, and management into question. The tech that was installed supported and reinforced the existing power structure. Today’s AI and Intelligent HR Technology are the forebears of systems that produce data, insight, and questions at extraordinary rates, faster than we’ve had to deal with before.


As I’ve covered over the last three years, most of what we are currently calling AI is really specialized intelligent HR technologies that look for and refine rules. While that’s useful stuff, many important

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