Preparing for a Return to the Workplace

As businesses in parts of the world are determining how and when to reopen their office doors, HR leaders are focused on helping employees transition from working remotely to developing more flexible work arrangements. In order to ensure a successful transition, organizations must implement new employee experience and well-being strategies for the returning workers.

I recently chatted with CY Chan, co-owner and chief talent and purpose officer at HKBN, about how his company enabled an effective return experience and support model for employees as they come back to the office. Excerpts from our conversation are below. 

What were some of the unexpected challenges that you faced when you started re-opening your offices?

We didn’t see any huge challenges because Hong Kong citizens are highly aware of personal hygiene. Our people are just happy to be back and we’ve actually seen more energy after reopening. Because of COVID-19, we worked from home from late January until early May and quickly adapted to the new way of working at home and how we use technology. To maintain productivity, our employees were empowered with remote access capabilities to ensure workflow continuity via virtual meetings and secure access to company systems during the

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