ZipRecruiter CANADA Ehh?

ZipRecruiter CANADA Ehh?

ZipRecruiter CANADA Ehh?

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It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS..

Wait let’s start with some reflection first.

It’s been nearly a year since Indeed’s Canadian bloodbath – I mean – acquisition of the prominent Canadian jobsite Workopolis. That’s right Indeed acquired the Workopolis brand and people were handed their walking papers… Good morning we have a new owner, you’re fired, now hand-in your badge and laptop and get the hell outta here!

Did you really expect anything different from the evil empire? I didn’t think so.

Now rumor – at the time – ZipRecruiter was also in the running to acquire Workopolis, but their focus was on keeping the employees, the company intact and basically just rebranding to ZipRecruiter. Makes sense, keep the assets, talent and keep rolling. Unfortunately, they were slower on the trigger or didn’t have a sweet evil deal like Indeed.


ZipRecruiter, a leading online employment marketplace powered by AI matching technology, announced that it has expanded its services to actively connect Canadian companies of all sizes with job seekers nationwide. YES ZipRecruiter is NOW IN CANADA!

Apparently, you can’t keep a good AI powered job matching platform down. Congrats to Zip, maybe you can get your hands on some of that Workopolis talent after all.

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