The Chad & Cheese Podcast

This SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT brought to you by Emissary.ai.

It’s that time people! It’s time to VOTE!

No not for President — FOR YOUR FAVORITE Chad & Cheese t-shirt design…

The Chad & Cheese Podcast is preparing for SPRING conference season, which means giveaways people! fucking giveaways! and what better giveaway than having Chad & Cheese proudly represented on your chest…

I mean with a t-shirt… Get your damn mind out of the gutter…

That’s right, the very FIRST and LIMITED-EDITION Chad & Cheese t-shirt from our friends at Emissary.ai… This isn’t some cheap T, oh no… Tri blend goodness that will feel like butter on your body. Everybody loves that right? or is it just me?

So go get your vote on. Go to ChadCheese.com right NOW and click on our logo to VOTE for your favorite design.

Polls are only open for a short time so hurry to get your vote in now! Then check out the events tab on ChadCheese.com to see what events are already solidified for the year. We add frequently so stay tuned to a conference near or not so near you.

4 EASY steps

1) ChadCheese.com click on our logo

2) Pick your favorite design

3) Check out events page

4) Meet us at an event and get your damned t-shirt!

Will your favorite design win? ONLY IF YOU VOTE so get out there people!

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Now go make your vote count at ChadCheese.com!

Sowash OUT!