Recruitics Buys KRT

Recruitics Buys KRT

Recruitics Buys KRT

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Recruitics just acquired KRT MARKETING…

That’s right, Recruitics watched TMP’s earlier acquisition of Perengo, looked TMP dead in the eyes and said “HOLD MY BEER!”

Seriously, Recruitics jumped into the agency space with programmatic and analytic platforms while KRT mounted their scooters and nerded out on being the programmatic answer to hiring companies who can’t to this very day spell programmatic.

Here’s a quote from the press release

“With this acquisition, we (Recruitics and KRT) have combined the two fastest-growing and innovative recruitment marketing agencies to become the leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000. The integration of Recruitics and KRT’s people, clients, and technology provides our customers with an unrivaled solution to help attract the best talent for their most in-demand positions.”

Personally, I love to see these kids tie the knot… I mean seriously, KRT prided themselves on being the freaks and geeks of the programmatic agency world and that’s exactly what a Recruitics needed. The portfolio, talent and now technology that just one-upped all of their agency friends and competitors.

During last week’s podcast I asked, “Was it a mistake that Recruitics went the agency route instead of focusing on being a programmatic player” and Recruitics said SHUT UP SOWASH…

Congrats Josh, Ryan, Mona and all of the Recruitics and KRT teams – I expect fireworks.

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