Conference Roundup: The Gathering (There Will Be Beer)

The boys invaded Banff in Canada last week and not only evaded arrest, but were able to record a damned good weekly show full of news, surprise guests and lots of Canadian strange brew. Enjoy and give our sponsors some love, eh? Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX make us all warm and fuzzy … even in […]

Fast Company Magazine Highlights 2 Recruiting Solutions as ‘Most Innovative’

Who made the list? Listen and find out.

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    Employee Poaching, Smartly
Interview: Josh Wright, Chief Economist @ iCIMS

What happens when you put together two meatheads with public school educations and a chief economist with degrees from Yale and Harvard? God help us, we’re about to find out. The boys have a nice chat with Josh Wright of iCIMS about the gig economy and the future of work. Enjoy this Nexxt exclusive.

iCIMS Throat-Punches Indeed

Feel the love on this Valentine’s Day episode of The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Let the boys buy you a drink and weave tales of Indeed getting throat-punched by Google for Jobs, Jobvite backing up the Brinks to compete in the arms race for HR tech supremacy, and how LinkedIn’s hip-to-be-square strategy is failing with Millennials. We love ya’ long time, just like our sponsors, Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.

Sowash vs. LaRocque

George LaRocque with recently published a job seeker survey. Chad had a lot of problems with it. So we did a podcast. Like to hear it, here it goes … enjoy this Uncommon exclusive.

Indeed Gets a New CEO

Who’s Indeed’s new CEO?

Jobvite, TMP Acquisitions

The M&A wheel keeps turnin’.

Interview: Thom Kenney, CEO @ Smashfly

Are employers gaming Glassdoor? Smashfly CEO Thom Kenney has an opinion that you have to hear. Oh, and he covers a lot more than that with the boys on this Nexxt exclusive. Enjoy.

Recruiting Startup Award Nominees Announced

Hiring Success, the conference put on annually by SmartRecruiters in San Francisco in Feb., is once again doing their Recruiting Startup Award where 5 companies get to pitch their business to investors and industry leaders to win $10,000 in sponsorship and press. Here are you finalists.

iCIMS Data: Bad News for Indeed

New data coming out of iCIMS paints a grim picture for Indeed and its fellow job board brethren. Enjoy this Judge exclusive.

Craigslist Makes a Billion, Monster Announces Layoffs

It was Super Bowl hangover week, so the boys discuss takeaways from advertising’s biggest day, including winners and losers. What else happened this week? How about layoffs and Monster, a report declaring Craigslist is now a billion dollar money-making machine, and new competition for Slack on the verge of it going IPO this year. Buckle […]

Monster Layoffs – Gutz Cuts

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the News – Monster Layoffs

100+ Monster employees have boxed up their gear and headed toward the door today. This is never a happy time in any organization, especially one trying to emerge from the job board ashes.

Monster CEO Scott Gutz said, “The impacted positions are across all functions and geographies with a focus on the globalization of our products and marketing initiatives, transforming how we sell to and service our customers, and redirecting resources to next generation technology and data solutions.”

So, did Gutz pull this trigger to start movement toward globalization of products or was he forced to do so after Monster fell short on 2018 goals? Remember headcount in usually a company’s biggest expense and this could provide additional runway…

From the outside looking in, it seems Monster has invested an immense amount of time, effort, and money on their Monster Studios video offering, which was announced in October of last year and just rolled out in beta to 100+ clients.

Over 100 people are gone and all we can see is a short runway for Monster, with only a NEW video offering to drive and retain revenues.

The big question is will Video kill the Job Board star? Or save it?

Big thanks to Judge for supporting The Shred – Go to scroll down to the Judge logo and download their newest white paper “Candidate Engagement – Tools That Matter”

Sowash OUT!

Interview: Jim Stroud

Jim Stroud is a sourcing legend. As the Global Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Strategy at Randstad Sourceright, he’s seen it and done it all. On this Uncommon exclusive, the boys cover everything from the most effective ways to contact prospects, the future of sourcing and why he doesn’t want Google to know what he’s up to. Grab a tinfoil hat and enjoy this most excellent episode.


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