All-Star Panel, Live From TAtech in Chicago

It’s on! Some of the industry’s most respected folks joined the boson stage for some good ol’ fashioned verbal jousting. The lineup included Joe Shaker of Shaker Recruitment Marketing, Thom Kenney of Smashfly, Abby Cheesman of SkillScout and Jason Jones of DraftKings. Buckle up and show our sponsors some love: Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX rule […]

Interview: StaffingTec’s Maurice Fuller

Enjoy this Jobcase exclusive with StaffingTec’s Maurice Fuller, Staffing Technology and Blockchain Expert.

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SHRM Live: One Platform To Rule Them All

A Jobcase exclusive: In just the past few years, Goliaths like Google, Microsoft / LinkedIn and Facebook have entered the world of recruitment in a big way. Traditional vendors like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder are struggling to catch-up, keep-up and stay relevant in an increasingly competitive field. Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman from award-winning podcast, […]

Post-Game: SHRM Talent, StaffingTec

News about Indeed, Rectxt, JazzHR and more.

TikTok, Farting on Coworkers & DeskDogs

This episode is all over the place. The boys cover everything from ZipRecruiter’s CEO dissing Google, Indeed giving Hire by Google a sloppy kiss, TikTok landing on the proverbial radar and stinky Australians. And much, much more. Enjoy and give our sponsors a big, sloppy kiss, Indeed-style: Sovren, Canvas, JobAdX.

Interview: Justin Gignac w/ Working Not Working

For those who think gig economy platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are a race to the bottom for freelance wages, then this podcast is for you. The boys interview Justin Gignac, co-founder at Working Not Working, a site dedicated to making sure freelance designers get paid. This exclusive comes at you compliments of Uncommon.

Talking Like a Pirate [Video]

Behind the scenes at Talroo.

Cheating College

Jim Stroud here, reporting for The Shred! A mini-Chad and Cheese bite of breaking news.

No doubt you have heard about the college admissions scandal where federal officials have charged several members of the 1% in what the Justice Department is calling a “multi-million-dollar scheme to cheat college admissions standards.” Among those one percenters are Felicity Huffman (from the TV Show Desperate Housewives – hashtag irony) and Lori Loughlin from “Full House.” For those who don’t know, the scam went like this – parents allegedly paid a consultant to fabricate academic and athletic credentials and to arrange bribes to help get their children into prestigious universities. Not only was this wrong, turns out it was also a waste of time.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, who compared student application choices and post graduation earnings, there was only a little difference in income among students from similar backgrounds who attended colleges with different degrees of selectivity.

Bottom line: Some people paid a lot of money to impress their friends and family and will pay even more to stay out of jail. Seems to me that the best investment would have been to encourage their kids to apply for college on their own merits. But I digress…
In case you are wondering if this scandal will shake up the status quo of elite universities, think again. It was recently reported that many top colleges are reporting record low acceptance rates. Harvard and Dartmouth both have record-low acceptance rates at 4.5% and 7.9%, respectively. Cornell University accepted 10.6% of applicants, which is just slightly more than last year’s record-low of 10.3%. So, wow, getting into those exclusive halls of learning will be even more impossible for the foreseeable future. Its as if you need a fixer to get your kids inside. Oh, wait a minute. Nevermind.

If going to an elite school doesn’t really produce a better economic outcome for the students who attended there then, what’s the point? If that’s you then, you may be encouraged to learn this, several high schools across the USA are breaking away from traditional schooling and embracing new models that emphasize capabilities over knowledge — with added attention on interpersonal skills that appear likely to become ever more valuable in the future workplace. You like that? You’ll love this.

A new teaching method at Summit Shasta, a charter school just outside San Francisco, let’s their students choose the skills they want to focus on — and they match those preferences to their college and career aspirations
Here’s another one: Lakeside School in Seattle is revamping their curriculum and developing a list of future-proof skills to teach their kids so they’ll have nothing to fear from working in an automated future.
And then there is the Mastery transcript Consortium, a group of top high schools that measures a student’s skills, habits and knowledge as an alternative to the typical list of letter grades.

That’s all I got to say. Chad and Cheesy, keep it easy. Stroud, out!

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Exclusive: Big Talroo News

Don’t miss the latest update from of Talroo!

Yahoo! FAILS, McDonald’s Gives-up & Amazon AR Goggles?

GET READY KIDS – If you’re lactose intolerant THIS is the show for you. That’s right hold the cheese and I’ll substitute w/ some Jimmy Stroud!

Chad & Jim tackle Yahoo!’s newest job search fail, Amazon goes beyond haptic bracelets – think Big Brother HUD, AI til you cannot stand it AND Jim believes McDonald’s automation game is READY…

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Canvas CEO, Aman Brar talks Acquisition, Messaging, and…

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Meet The Custodian of Culture & Chief Idea Officer at Fiasco

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Indeed’s Australian Meltdown

While the Google train keeps chugging along with positive news this week, things at Indeed are showing signs of unraveling Down Under, as well as other spots around the globe. Likewise, Facebook dealt recruitment marketing a blow this week and America, we have a staffing problem. Grab a Vegemite sandwich and support our sponsors, Canvas, […]

Google Trifecta

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS for March 21 2019..

It’s a Google TRIFECTA

1) Google Talent Solutions releases two new features – Commute Search and – Translation within job search both provided through the Google Talent Solution API at no additional charge to their partners/customers.

I’m very interested in using commute search as we all know job descriptions and data right out sucks. So will this be accurate or is Google only using companies who are providing physical locations in their jobs? We’ve reached out to Tarquin and the Talent Solutions team for clarification – we’re on it.

2) It’s another Google for Jobs sighting – this time in Germany.
That’s right Google for Jobs rolls out in Deutschland – Das es Gut no? It’s great to see Google for Jobs roll out slow and methodically. It seems the search team is trying to understand the major differences in job search behavior from country to country. Keep it rollin’ Google…

and last but definitely not least…
3) Google for Jobs testing in France shows Indeed as a provider of jobs. WAIT? WHAT? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me… Nope, Chad & Cheese received a screen shot of said Google for Jobs testing complete with Indeed logo – just check my twitter feed @Chad_Sowash.

Is Indeed starting to succumb to the power of Google for Jobs? or is Indeed just trying to supplement in areas they suck?

There is little doubt that Joel and I will dive deeper into these rabbit holes on the weekly show which drops this Friday March 22nd – so keep listening and comment wherever you do “the socials” – like our fb page, #chadcheese on twitter, hit us up on LinkedIn or visit click on EVENTS and maybe you’ll have the opportunity to buy us a beer – You lucky bastard!

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