Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid!

It’s the Halloween edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast, which means the boys are counting down everything in recruitment that scared the hell out of them. Hint: The bots are coming! Also, Indeed is crushing it, ZipRecruiter is mobilizing it, and Uber is staffing it. Some call an exorcist, because heads will spin! And visit our sponsors, nuthin’ but treats, baby: Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.

ZipRecruiter Launches Job Seeker Profiles

Hey ghouls and goblins, it’s The Shred for October 24, 2018, brought to you by Guys, blockchain is all the rage right now. And if you’re like most of us, the whole thing is confusing, right? Don’t worry. Chad and I have been working with Judge to give you the foremost insight into what blockchain is and what it means to recruiting. And we’ve made it easy for you. Just go to to download this free resource. That’s Or you can hit up today. Let’s go to the news: ZipRecruiter launched what they’re calling Job Seeker Profiles this week. In a nutshell, Profiles aims to help millions of mobile app users find a job by simplifying the resume-building process and making it easier for them to stand out to employers. Profiles allows them to fill out a summary including their skills, certifications, desired salary and career objectives. The data can be entered manually or generated automatically from an uploaded resume. Profiles also leverages Zip’s artificial intelligent to alert job seekers of missing information and suggests ways to improve content. AI looks like the name of the game at Zip. On the heels of raising $156 million at a billion dollar valuation, the company now counts 200 engineers developing their AI, including 50 working from a new Tel Aviv-based development and research center. In case you were wondering, the 8-year-old company has nearly 1,000 employees in two states and three countries. Be sure to tune into the weekly show for deeper opinion on news you hear on The Shred. Once again, thanks to our sponsor Wondering how blockchain impacts recruitment, head on over to (no upper case letters, one word) or visit and click the Judge logo. Cheesman out.

What Google Wants

Being an industry leader isn’t easy… Constantly fighting the good fight, providing for clients and job seekers while protecting your flanks and reinventing the entire recruitment industry… That’s exactly what iCIMS leadership is doing. . 

In mid-Oct Joel and I flew to NJ and landed at iCIMS HQ for the iCIMS iNFLUENCE event. During the event Colin Day, iCIMS CEO and Chairman of the Board along with other iCIMS leaders shared their common vision for more than just iCIMS. For the industry and how iCIMS will lead in reinventing it. 

This is just one episode in the iCIMS iNFLUENCE 2018 Series.

Disability Solutions is your sourcing and recruiting partner for people with disabilities.
This episode starts with Colin talking about what Google wants.. and what he believes is of utmost importance… 

Chad – So Colin what does Google want? 

Colin – They (Google) want no middlemen and they want single click apply. And for me that’s music to my ears, that’s absolute music to my ears. Now people will say Colin you’re stupid they came out with an ATS too, they’re a competitor of yours. 

Colin – Their ATS is for the G-Suite, for the SMB. We would be really nervous if we were an SMB vendor. I don’t see Google building an enterprise quality Talent Acquisition platform over the next 5-10 years. It’s too complicated, they haven’t proven they can do it so I say let them have small companies out of the G-Suite I will take that any day for them to get Google for Jobs out.

Colin – Because that’s the most important thing here. 

Chad – Then Colin answers my question about slowing down job boards scraping and pounding iCIMS career sites, most importantly becoming the fast lane of job content for Google… Listen up.. 

Chad – You’re talking about slowing down other lanes. Right. So you want a fast lane to Google but you want to slow down the other lanes.  What do you mean buy “slowing down the other lanes”? Are you going to hold jobs?

Colin – I don’t think we’re going to hold them unfairly , we’re just not going to let them do unnatural… I mean right now they… When we look at our portal traffic and what slows down portals or whatever, well if Indeed is scraping you every 5 minutes, it slows you down. So I think we’re just going to look at SLAs and say “Guys weren’t not going to try and be unfair.” 

Chad – Why does Colin believe this to be important? Well, Google over the years (before Google for Jobs) had crowned Indeed the winner of the job site wars and one of the reasons Indeed was crowned revoled around getting job content to Google faster than any other platform, including the ATS. Well, that is going to stop when it comes to iCIMS and their client’s jobs. iCIMS will become the fastest lane in delivering jobs, while all others will be taken down a notch… or two… 

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LinkedIn Introduces Talent Hub (Raw & Unedited)

In the raw: The full audio from LinkedIn’s recent announcement of Talent Hub, their applicant tracking solution (ATS).

LinkedIn’s Blacklist, Blinders & Creepy Clowns

Holy Hell! Halloween must be close, because companies are losing their minds and scaring the shit out of us. On this week’s show, LinkedIn might have a blacklist, Indeed is 86’ing staffing firms, companies are putting blinders on their desk jockeys and scare clowns are invading offices in the heartland. The boys also give their takeaways from spending a full day with iCIMS. Enjoy, and checkout sponsors JobAdX, Sovren and Canvas … they’ve only got treats for ya’!

Indeed Holds Staffing Hostage

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS..

It’s been years in the making but NOW it’s official

–That’s right — Indeed is now holding ALL Staffing Companies hostage

Remember all of that traffic you enjoyed Staffing Companies? Well Indeed says, that’s officially over unless you PAY!

Today Indeed released their Policy for Recruitment-Based Companies and it goes a little somethin’ like this..

“>>> As of January 7th, 2019, all recruitment-based companies and accounts in the United States and Canada will be required to sponsor their jobs wheelbarrow receive visibility on Indeed.

Scope: Companies and accounts affected by this policy may include, but are not limited to:

> Recruiting Firms, Placement Firms, or Headhunters who search for, recruit, and place job seekers into roles at other companies, or
> Staffing Agencies or Outsourcing Solutions (or business models like this), who employ job seekers directly to perform tasks, duties, and/or work that the company has been contracted to fulfill by its clients.

Please note that companies or accounts may be categorized as a recruitment-based company at the sole discretion of Indeed and may be subject to this policy if so. Indeed further reserves the right to require sponsorship of jobs for any reason.

Purpose: Indeed continually strives to provide the best possible job search experience for our job seekers. Indeed gives preference to content posted directly by employers, and works to provide unique, good quality job advertisements that connects job seekers directly to employers.”

— This Indeed Policy was finally made official during American Staffing Association’s Staffing World 2018 event – how apropos…

Pissing off staffing companies is probably NOT a good strategy especially in today’s market when staffing companies are flush with business and cash… If you’re a vendor NOT named Indeed you should be leaving that conference with a wheel barrow full of leads, contracts or just plain cash.

BUT remember… Indeed has slowly rolled this out for years, kicking off staffing companies here and there… So they must be pretty confident that STAFFING just cannot live without little ole Indeed.

One staffing insider shared with me “When Indeed cut us off it took us 2 weeks to replace the traffic. Indeed is more arrogant than important.”

It seems like Indeed is gambling that companies replacing their traffic will NOT be the norm rather STAFFING Companies will readily open up their wallet and shell out more cash. Well here’s a word to all of the VENDORS / INDEED COMPETITORS out there… This is your time to PROVE you can be a big part of the REPLACE INDEED SOLUTION – The question is… does your product have what it takes?

— For everyone who wants to check out this policy just perform the Google search “indeed Policy Recruitment-Based Companies” and then share with your friends…

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Death Match Winner – Canvas

Canvas recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese’s Death Match competition, pitting four start-ups against each other. They were cool under pressure and came out victorious. Listen now to see how it went down.

LinkedIn! LinkedIn! LinkedIn!

If you can’t guess from this week’s title, LinkedIn did a bunch of stuff, including launching an applicant tracking system and buying an employee engagement company for (gulp!) $400 or so million. Also, Amazon dumps AI recruiting, Facebook remains serious about jobs and – no God, no! – there’s another Tinder for Jobs startup. Enjoy, and write blank checks to sponsors Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.

Death Match – Uncommon

Uncommon recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese’s Death Match competition pitting four start-ups against each other. Listen now to see how it went down.

LinkedIn Launches ATS

Hey kids, it’s The Shred for October 10, 2018, brought to you by Whether you’re moving your systems to the cloud, building out a team for your next project, finding healthcare talent for your organization, filling that mission critical direct hire to lead your team, or training your employees on the latest technology, can deliver to ensure your organization’s long-term growth. To the news: Well, it finally happened … . That was Sarah-Beth Sanders, product marketing leads at LinkedIn from this years Talent Connect, LinkedIn’s annual conference. Dubbed Talent Hub, the world’s largest business networking site is getting into the applicant tracking business. The product aims to help employers source, manage and hire talent that’s not only undiscovered, but motivated and qualified candidates that already exist on LinkedIn’s half a billion userbase. Sanders said you can think of it as an ATS preloaded with candidate already open to a new opportunity. In an already cluttered ATS environment, LinkedIn has its work ahead of it, even with the brand awareness it enjoys, as well as having Microsoft in its corner. Regardless, it’s fair to say we now have our heavyweight bout featuring Hire by Google and now LinkedIn Talent hub . Be sure to tune into the weekly show for deeper opinion on news you hear on The Shred. Once again, thanks to our sponsor With over 48 years of experience and success, Judge is an industry leader in technology, talent and learning solutions. Judge is a family-owned business which has grown globally with offices in the United States, Canada, India and China. Learn more at j-u-d-g-e-dot-com. Cheesman out.

Talkin’ Disability with Julie Sowash

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Death Match – TalkPush

TalkPush recently faced a panel of four judges at TAtech in New Orleans for Chad & Cheese’s Death Match competition pitting four start-ups against each other. Listen now to see how it went down.

IPO Buzz: Upwork, Slack, ZipRecruiter

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Death Match Postgame with Chad & Cheese (Video)

Chad & Cheese sum-up TAtech’s Death Match competition. With beers, of course.