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The Chad & Cheese Recfest 2019 ‘Hype Video’

Before going on stage at Recfest 2019, this happened. ‘Murica! Special thanks to Talent Nexus for creating.

TMP Acquires Perengo

It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

On to the NEWS for July 16st 2019..


We were talking about texting and chatbots – Now it’s a word most TA professionals can’t even spell… Programmatic…

That’s right StepStone starts their chess moves by taking AppCast — hands down the recruitment industries programmatic leader — App cast off the board, then Indeed strikes back with the acquisition of ClickIQ another known entity in the programmatic space and THEN TODAY TMP Worldwide buys Perengo another AI-driven programmatic platform, not as well-known as the first two, but who the hell cares? Really…

Michelle Abbey, CEO of TMP cites
“The acquisition of Perengo further advances our commitment to provide our clients with the most robust and efficient recruitment technology in the industry,”

“The combination of ambition and differentiating technology makes them (being Perengo) the perfect addition to both our team and our platform.”

Mike Kofi Okyere CEO of Perengo moves to Chief Product & Strategy Officer at TMP Worldwide. Hopefully his ascent to this position means we’ll all know how in the hell to pronounce his name.

But seriously, Mike seems to have experience steeped in sales, product, and tech.

These types of acquisitions are setting the table for HUGE strategic moves in our industry. Not too mention the very tactical and everyday move from duration to performance-based ads. FINALLY!!

But, will everyone play nice and keep the playing field open?

or will defensive postures win the day as walled gardens go up driving the market to make very hard choices?

Tune into our latest Chad and Cheese podcast – dropped just yesterday – where sit down with Rob Prince from Talent Nexus and talk Appcast and ClickIQ… Just look for the podcast called Indeed Strikes Back!

And obviously tune in this Friday for even more deep opinion and snark around TMP, Perengo and much more.

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