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On to the NEWS..

Guess what kids Jobster is back… Well, it’s not back yet. Late last year the domain was purchased for $200,000 US and the current site says “Soon to be unleashed again” signed “The Jobster Team”

Whether you remember Jobster or not it serves as a lesson to start-ups in every space.. But what exactly was Jobster – that’s a good question and there are several answers depending on who you ask.

Here’s an exceprt from a 2013 The Verge article:
“Jobster was a tool for managing employee referrals. That business worked well, but it was never going to be huge,” says Scott Haug (aka Jobster employee #7). When Jason Goldberg (Jobster’s CEO) acquired the startup WorkZoo, he pivoted Jobster into a search engine. Then just a few months later, when Goldberg acquired GoJobby, he decided his company would also be a social network. “He just kept jumping from one fad to the next, whatever the buzzword in tech was at the moment. It kept us in the press and got investors excited, but it made no sense for the business.”

Investors were so excited Jobster gained four rounds of venture capital totalling $52.5m. Jason Goldberg was on cloud 9 and grew Jobster headcount at a crazy fast pace, and spent money on the aformentioned acquisitions of Workzoo in August 2005, GoJobby in June 2006 and in January 2007.

While Goldberg was on his tech spending spree he also wanted to acquire a portfolio of client which is why he gave me a call to talk about acquiring DirectEmployers Association, most of all the 700 companies (mainly F500) he needed to start driving big revenue.. Needless to say THAT never happened and neither did Jobster’s revenues.

So, where are they now?

Today’s domain is parked on GoDaddy — where is the job search tech – who cares?

GoJobby, I believe was the Tagcloud tech or what we all came to know as Jobster “Superstar Tags”
Today redirects to Jobing, still under the banner.

All of’s business was realigned under in 2009 and Zapoint acquired Jobster in April 2010…

Yes, Jobster is a lesson for start-ups in the “what not to-do” category… But what about this time? Who is behind this new unleashing of the Jobster domain? What will it be and will it take another glorious dive into the bin of dead start-ups?

Who knows what The Jobster Team has in store, but we will be waiting… Will it be blockchain recruiting robots? Well, only if Jason Goldberg is back at the helm.

I’m sure Joel will have more color to add to this story so keep listening and comment wherever you do the socials – like our fb page, #chadcheese on twitter or hit us up on LinkedIn.

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