Monster Layoffs – Gutz Cuts

Monster Layoffs – Gutz Cuts

Monster Layoffs – Gutz Cuts

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On to the News – Monster Layoffs

100+ Monster employees have boxed up their gear and headed toward the door today. This is never a happy time in any organization, especially one trying to emerge from the job board ashes.

Monster CEO Scott Gutz said, “The impacted positions are across all functions and geographies with a focus on the globalization of our products and marketing initiatives, transforming how we sell to and service our customers, and redirecting resources to next generation technology and data solutions.”

So, did Gutz pull this trigger to start movement toward globalization of products or was he forced to do so after Monster fell short on 2018 goals? Remember headcount in usually a company’s biggest expense and this could provide additional runway…

From the outside looking in, it seems Monster has invested an immense amount of time, effort, and money on their Monster Studios video offering, which was announced in October of last year and just rolled out in beta to 100+ clients.

Over 100 people are gone and all we can see is a short runway for Monster, with only a NEW video offering to drive and retain revenues.

The big question is will Video kill the Job Board star? Or save it?

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