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Google Trifecta

Google Trifecta

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It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

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On to the NEWS for March 21 2019..

It’s a Google TRIFECTA

1) Google Talent Solutions releases two new features – Commute Search and – Translation within job search both provided through the Google Talent Solution API at no additional charge to their partners/customers.

I’m very interested in using commute search as we all know job descriptions and data right out sucks. So will this be accurate or is Google only using companies who are providing physical locations in their jobs? We’ve reached out to Tarquin and the Talent Solutions  team for clarification – we’re on it.  

2) It’s another Google for Jobs sighting – this time in Germany.

That’s right Google for Jobs rolls out in Deutschland – Das es Gut no? It’s great to see Google for Jobs roll out slow and methodically. It seems the search team is trying to understand the major differences in job search behavior from country to country. Keep it rollin’ Google…

and last but definitely not least…

3) Google for Jobs testing in France shows Indeed as a provider of jobs. WAIT? WHAT? You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me… Nope, Chad & Cheese received a screen shot of said Google for Jobs testing complete with Indeed logo – just check my twitter feed @Chad_Sowash.

Is Indeed starting to succumb to the power of Google for Jobs? or is Indeed just trying to supplement in areas they suck?

There is little doubt that Joel and I will dive deeper into these rabbit holes on the weekly show which drops this Friday March 22nd – so keep listening and comment wherever you do “the socials” – like our fb page, #chadcheese on twitter, hit us up on LinkedIn or visit click on EVENTS and maybe you’ll have the opportunity to buy us a beer – You lucky bastard!

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