Google ATS Goes Enterprise

Google ATS Goes Enterprise

Google ATS Goes Enterprise

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It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash

On to the NEWS for April 30 2019..

HOLY SHIT we’re talking about another Google move again… No this isn’t a brick-by-brick move ohh no this is a major move and announcement kids.

Let me read this – almost – straight from the words of our Googley friends.

To optimize Hire by Google – Google’s ATS – for enterprises — Wait, did you catch that? Google Hire for Enterprise, carry on… To optimize Hire by Google, Google has made an array of updates and process improvements. These features include:

1) Enhanced approval flows with machine learning to automatically suggest approvers for new job requisitions or offers. — KEYWORD AUTOMATICALLY —

2) A referral portal — oh shit Tim Sackett’s gonna love this one — A referral portal to encourage every employee to source top talent, which can mean thousands of referrals for a large organization. Not too mention kids, referral is ALWAYS in the top 3 of hires…

3) New interactive reports to empower more informed decision making, so enterprises can make the most of all their data and optimize complex hiring processes. — Now that’s a GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER moment for Talent Acquisition all over the world..

4) An expanded connection to the larger HR technology ecosystem through APIs and pre-built integrations with Namely, Sapling, AppogeeHR, and Zenefits, so customers can easily manage the entire employee lifecycle and improve the experience for new hires. and THAT is merely the start kids…

Alright let’s get to the meat of this shall well?

Customer references include Framestore, a visual effects and computer animation studio with nearly 3,000 employees across 3 continents, Trimble, a technology company with over 11,000 employees across 30 countries and Titmouse, that’s right I said Titmouse which uses Hire to streamline the management of new applications on their careers page and search their existing database of candidates.

Mark this move to Enterprise on your calendar’s kids…


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