Firing Squad – FlashRecruit

Firing Squad – FlashRecruit

Firing Squad – FlashRecruit

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Jeff Dolan walks in, sits down, and takes his chances by pitching FlashRecruit to The Chad and Cheese Podcast with the possibility of facing disgrace and the Firing Squad.


Firing Squad is a raw podcast featuring two grizzled industry veterans who want to showcase recruitment industry startup companies. Their technology, products, and solutions either save them and win massive applause or just #fail and face the FIRING SQUAD.

On this episode:

We know that email engagement sucks and the response rate is horrible, which is why companies like FlashRecruit exist. FlashRecruit’s mission is to “Break down the communication barriers to start the conversation between recruiters and the job seekers looking for their dream job.” Can FlashRecruit pull it off or are they in store for a visit from the FIRING SQUAD?

You’ll have to listen to find out.

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